3 Basic Types of Computer Software

In this article, we will see an overview of the 3 Types of Computer Software. The software can be assumed as the language of the computer and as a set of instructions, and programs that are used to perform any respective task. The user can not touch the software but can see it via the GUI (Graphical User Interface). There are different types of computer languages currently in the market.

Types of Computer Software

There are different types of computer software that can operate on a computer: system software, application software, and utility software.

Let’s take a more immediate look at them.

System Software

System software is a type of computer software that is developed for executing computer hardware components and application programs. It is the forum supplied to the computer system where other computer programs can run. The system software sits as a middle layer between the user applications and hardware. The operating system is the type of system software. The operating system is used to control all other programs installed on the computer.

Operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are examples of system software. Operating systems are loaded into RAM when the appliance starts up, and have entrance to the hard drive.

Application software

The other type of software is application software that is developed for the users to perform some particular tasks like writing a letter, hearing music, or watching any video. For all these conditions there needed a particular software for individual type and that specific software that is designed for some specific objective is known as application software.

So a word processor, web browser, spreadsheet, and graphics software are examples of application software, and they can do many specific tasks.

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Application software such as a word processor regularly runs the operating system to load and save files to the hard drive. When you are performing some actions on a file, it is held temporarily in the RAM. It is just when you select to save it that it is noted on the hard drive.

Utility software

Utility software is part of the system software and executes specific tasks to maintain the computer running. Utility software is consistently running in the background. Examples of utility software are security and optimization programs.

Security programs enclose anti-virus software that scans and clears viruses. Most computers will have some sort of anti-virus software, but you can put your own.

Optimization programs can contain tools for system clean-up, file compression, and disk defragmentation. These tools are generally installed as part of the operating system. They have access to the hard drive to hold it clean.

The operating system

Application software also uses the operating system to converse with the hardware on the PC and with other software. When a web browser likes to load a webpage, it is the operating system that handles access to the internet and brings the information from the web.

Likewise, the operating system also supplies the application software facts about what key is being pushed, and about the mouse: where it is, what it clicked, and where it’s moving on the screen.


As discussed the software is a program, a script that runs on the computer system. And as we are concerned, there are vastly three types of software i.e. system, application, and utility software. Each type of software has its function and executes on the computer system.

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