6 Best Free Grammar Check Extensions for WordPress

Discovering the best free grammar check extensions is quite a tough task. As somebody with a massive workload, you cannot perhaps manually check things like emails, long blog articles, social media posts, documentation, and so onwards, and search for grammatical errors one at the exact time.

And if you are just beginning your business or are a start blogger, funding restrictions make it nearly unattainable to hire an experienced team for something as insignificant as fixing minor grammatical glitches and making your text error-free.

To help you discover the most suitable free options to automate your grammar check, we have collected the top selections for English grammar checkers.

In this article, we will present you with the six best free grammar check extensions that can be used to optimize the scope of your WordPress website. 

Why You Need a Grammar Check Tool for WordPress

No consequence of how pleasing of a writer or editor you are, or how much you proofread, you will probably still drive errors. That is precisely why you need a grammar checker tool for your WordPress website. 

The tool will help you notice errors as you type, saving you time in the proofreading procedure and assuring you have experienced content throughout your website. 

The top advantages of using a grammar checker tool include:

  • More periodic to no grammar errors and spelling mistakes
  • Powerful credibility for your brand
  • Less time consumed on editing and more time for your business

How Grammar Checker Tools Work

WordPress is known for its extensive library of useful plugins, but most of the grammar checker tools recorded in this article are browser extensions. This indicates they are not as fully merged with WordPress.

These extensions can always save you a lot of time by checking your content for mistakes and errors as you go. 

Best Free Grammar Checker Tools For WordPress

Below are our top six favored picks for the best free grammar check extensions. 


Grammarly is by far the most powerful grammar checker extension on the demand. It is known via the web application at Grammarly.com, or as a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

The extension is powerful because once activated, simply type out your content as you usually would in WordPress or Google Docs. Then, Grammarly will evaluate the content as it’s written and deliver you real-time feedback.

Generally, to correct any errors, just hover over any highlighted area and click on the recommendation that fits your intention. 

Another calm thing about Grammarly when using the web app is that it permits you to develop specific goals for your content before you start analyzing it. When you set objectives, you tailor the type of writing suggestions Grammarly offers you. 

In the free version of Grammarly, you can modify the settings for your audience, courtesy, and article intent. The premium version also delivers domain-related recommendations that offer guidance for business writing, academic tasks, and more.


Ginger is on our next list of the best free grammar checker tools. Ginger presents a spell checker and online proofreading tool. The first one is more attentive to spelling and grammar checks. The contextual spell checker recognizes the correction that best suits the meaning of the initial sentence. It not only enhances your writing skills but also increases productivity.

You can use Ginger as a browser add-on, MS Word/Outlook integration, iOS/Android, Windows app, or instantly from their online site. It is best for checking rare verbs/adverbs, disconnected wordings, misspellings, and common grammar rules in the English language.


LanguageTool is a universal free extension that can help you write better in more than 25 languages and can even identify many mistakes that are frequently made by native speakers. This extension catches multiple language mistakes that a simple spell checker cannot, like grammar problems, generally confused words, and punctuation oversights. It is an incredibly useful tool for those who create content in multiple languages.  

LanguageTool also offers style tips that can help you boost your writing, such as synonym replacements for overused words, the brief restatement of wordy sentences, and traditional alternatives to commonly used phrases.

Like Grammarly and Ginger, this extension scrutinizes your text as you type, so you can fast detect and fix errors as you write your content. You can also use it on just about any website including WordPress, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.


Jetpack is the only authorized WordPress plugin on this list, meaning it is completely integrated with WordPress and designed to work seamlessly with your website. It is also one of the most famous WordPress plugins of all time because it is an all-in-one solution for WordPress protection, backup, speed, and evolution. One of its core components allows you to add proofreading to the WordPress text editor.

JetPack reviews your content for misused words, spelling difficulties, style issues, and grammar mistakes, but to really get the most out of the proofreading feature, you will need to visit the JetPack Settings page. 

From there, you can allow various proofreading options that allow you to scan for things like double negatives, hidden verbs, and offending language.

Jetpack does have some premium components in the paid version of the plugin, but the spelling and grammar checker is free to use upon download and well worth checking out.


With a customer rating of 4.7/5 on platforms like SiteJabber, Writer is one of the best online grammar checkers. The AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) tool is an excellent copy editing solution for editing everything from emails to Google Docs.

What creates this writing tool special is not only the smart AI algorithms for editing but also the broad range of integrations, including HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and much more.


Scribens is a free grammar checker tool that allows you to check hundreds of typos, grammar, spelling, and style mistakes without breaking a sweat.

Supported by sophisticated algorithms, the software declares to work better than Microsoft Word. You can modify settings to either British English or American English vocabulary. Select whether you want to manually fix unknown right nouns or allow autocorrect to do its thing. It also lets you choose the font size of the document, so you don’t need to modify it again and again during editing.

The color codes for Scribens are as follows –

  • Verbs – green
  • Suggestion – yellow
  • Grammar – red
  • Typography and punctuation (commas, etc.) – blue

General, it’s wonderful for proofreading and editing blog posts manually, but you cannot use it for more developed editing since components like plagiarism checking or reporting are missing.

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