5 Ways to Grow your business using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing solutions and tools have created my job more comfortable and have pushed me more practical and effective. For this basis, I have made a good group of tools that supports me track all of the digital initiatives, organic growth, and social communities. Therefore, in this article, with the application of digital marketing solutions and some of the vital tools that can support companies to promote productivity and facilitate the whole procedure.

Not important what business you are in, we all require to fetch visible to our target audience to be capable to sell. The extreme competition on top of it creates it all tough to stand out from the group. By now, you may have carried a step to know the ideas of digital marketing. However, very knowledge is not enough today. In order to perform digital marketing solutions in your business operations, you require to learn some useful applications and tools. Unnecessary to say, people with understanding of the right tools are in high demand.

Different Solutions of Digital Marketing

So, let’s dip into the elements of digital marketing solutions that you require to present in your business right away are as follows:

Content Marketing

We understand that content is king. It is incredibly true it holds when you plan your digital marketing solutions.

Today, there are lots of content makers on the internet world. If you search for your product category on search engines like Google, you will notice the drastic competition you are encountering against the millions of results that Google search pages come up with. Hence, having quality content that is special to your brand, becomes powerfully significant for your business to stand out and succeed.

Here are a pair of tools we would recommend for great content:

  • Statista: Statista is a positively efficient tool for composing new blog posts. It gives you valuable data to back up the points you have provided. You can locate clear attributes about brands like their economic growth numbers or survey details.
  • Stockup: Stockup is a wonderful option if you are composing a blog post and need some awesome images. Stockup has high-quality stock images and is perfect for use in blog posts or social media posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, it is essential to know Search Engine Optimization that creating great content is not fine by itself. Your content is your product. Unless it is displayed to your target audience. Thus, one requires to optimize their content as per the search engine. Only then will your content rank high and become visible to your possible clients. You must also use the art of link building for your website.

Here are a few tools to boost your SEO ranking:

  • Google Keyword Planner: This is a classic keyword research tool by Google that allows you to analyze and select the best keywords that you should use in your content for Google to rank you higher.
    ‘As per Hubspot’s study, Google is accountable for 94% of total organic traffic. Hence, it is most useful to plan your content as per Google’s top keywords.’
  • SEMRush: SEMRush is a very significant tool to gain an experience in SEO interpretation and tracking your keywords. It is also helpful for executing competitors’ analyses.
  • Google Ads / Facebook Ads

Digital Advertising

Yes, we are talking about the paid method of digital marketing. In current times, where competition brings more violence by the hour and the organic way brings a lot of time and struggle, it becomes important to learn paid marketing tools to lead digital marketing solutions.

If you see, apart from 10 organic results on the Google search page, the first periodic results are labeled as Ads. And it’s no shock that these paid links because of their top positioning get a much more increased click rate than the organic results. Just put, if you can control your budget, doing brand attention and lead generation fast is just a tool out! Have a look at the numerous famous and useful tools you can use to make your custom ads and improve your brand visibility.

  • Google Ads: The most powerful tool for paid campaigns is Google Ads. These are the ads that recall on the Google search page.
  • Facebook Ads Manager: Another positively used paid forum is Facebook Ads which lets you place customized ads and posts through your Facebook profile.
  • Instagram Ads: This is an alike tool to Facebook ads for Instagram advertising. So, if you master the former, you will flow through the later efficiently.


Digital marketing solutions contain a lot of data variations. You require not to be a data scientist, but a basic knowledge of the metrics that impact your development is meaningful. A digital marketing marketer should be mindful of the tools to measure the key implementation indicators like customer behavior, issues in the campaign, the effect of the strategies, and development.

These are the two tools you can start with to analyze your website traffic as well as marketing campaign performance.

  • Google Analytics: Before anything else, Google Analytics is a ton of basic and positively efficient tools for analyzing the performance of all your marketing channels in one place.
  • Hotjar: Hotjar is also a wonderful tool to obtain information on the users’ actions or behavior on your website.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, we light on a very famous way of digital marketing people know of. Every entity in the market today is testing to do social media marketing to launch their business. However, most individuals think of it as a sheer game of posts and likes. This is a signal of a badly executed digital marketing solution. The kind of posts, time of posting, drawing the right set of audience, analyzing your competition and a lot of other elements are accountable for your online success.

A good way of performing this digital marketing solution is to use a social media monitoring tool. Check out two handy tools to start with:

  • Buffer: Most brands depend on Buffer for their social sharing. You can just link up all of our social media and share your outcome instantly from your website. It’s a very user-friendly and helpful tool. You can also organize all your posts, which drives them neat and easy. Buffer also supplies analytics for your social media platform and even syncs it with Google Analytics.
  • FollowerWonk: FollowerWonk is a strong tool for tweets. It analyses the best time to tweet according to your audience’s behavior. You can effortlessly link it with Buffer to get insights.


The above-mentioned tools must have provided you with some insight into the valuable methods of implementing digital marketing solutions in your business processes. The list of digital marketing tools might be continued. However, these classic tools are good sufficiently to start with and give growth to your digital existence. It may look rough at first. But as you get a hang of these skill sets, you will start wanting the whole approach. Moreover, for discovering these skills and tools, you can get in touch with a professional digital marketing trainer. To hire Digital Marketing expert contact us.

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