SEO Keyword Tools | Top 5 Research Tool of SEO

SEO Keyword Tools. Keyword research is one of the common & important parts of creating proper SEO. Keywords support deciding what kind of users you will have on your site and how much traffic you will receive. In order to help SEOs and get the correct keyword to create content throughout, there are many keyword research tools available. These SEO keyword tools let you search and see what kind of keywords you can use to rank and how many regular searches are not for the keywords. Some keyword research tools can even tell you about how much PPC ads for the keywords get. So, Let’s dive to know about the top 5 tools of SEO.

SEO Keyword Tools | Top 5 Research Tools

Following are the Top 5 SEO Keyword Research Tools:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is usually acknowledged to be one of the simplest to use in a keyword research tool. SEMrush declares itself as more than just a keyword research tool. Using the tool, you can see Traffic statistics, make search engine reports, and even CPC for AdSense. While you can start the analysis by inserting one keyword and then getting other keywords, I would suggest that you start by inserting links to your competition and showing all keywords your competition ranks for and how much traffic you can suppose.

SEMrush has a tool described as Site Audit, where you can enter the specifications of your site or the URL of your client’s site. Once you do it, you will be able to create a complete site SEO report, and if you need it, you can rebrand it to your business name. It has a mobile app, too, unhappily the app doesn’t have all features of the desktop site, but it has a position tracking feature.


In the word of advanced Keyword research tools, Ahref is one of the most famous. As you can demand, you can see traffic amount and how many snaps you can expect for your site, one of the tool’s individual features is its keyword difficulty feature that tells you how much work you may have to make to rank for the keyword. Ahref UI and navigation is a quite simple, and because it has a data graph integrated, it can tell you if a keyword has very few clicks on SERPs. You can quickly export a list of keywords, which will clearly make the keyword reach a quick method. You can get a trial of Ahref for $7 for a week.

Google Keyword Planner

Digital marketers will start a list of keyword analysis tools without considering Google Keyword Planner. The web app has been created to work with Google Ads for Search and is originally for creating ads that go on Google Search Results, but that doesn’t mean that you can not use it to get a keyword to create content for your site. When it becomes to find new keywords, Google’s contribution is the best, you can find new keywords based on your adversaries’ site, goods, or service. If you insert one keyword in the tool, you can immediately see keywords related to the title.

You can also see synonyms and differences in the search terms. What is great about it is that keyword researcher can also show you traffic estimates for your keywords, and you can get search volume for keywords. The Google Keyword Planner is free to use, but you will have to sign up for the Google AdWords program before you can access it.

Keyword Explorer by Moz

If you have contributed some amount of time doing SEO, I am sure you must have discovered Moz. The organization Keyword Explorer is an almost new tool to find keywords. The keyword Explorer is based on 3 things: Opportunity, Importance of Keyword, and Keyword potential. You can quickly see volumes, difficulty you may have to face to rank, a potential score, and how many elements are on the results page. These elements include if the SERP has a featured Snipped, Twitter feed, etc.

The Moz Keyword Explorer collects data from Google Suggest, Related Searches on the search engines, and the Google Keyword Planner. You can cross-check keywords researched by other tools by uploading the keyword to the importing tool.

KW Finder

Now you will see KW Finder is much more focused on obtaining the best possible keyword to generate pointed traffic towards your site. The site has features to keep a number of your keywords in keyword records, and you can handle multiple lists clearly. Another great thing about KW Finder is that you can see more extra features about a keyword than many other keyword research sites.

Similar to the SEMrush, KW Finder has a rank tracking tool too. KW Finder arrives in both free and paid versions, before you spend any money, you should surely check if the free version can fit your requirements or not.


Keyword research is a truly powerful part of Search Engine Optimization, not only does finding a good keyword helps in generating more traffic to your site, but it also assists you to compete with brands and make more deals. Now that you are intimate with what keyword research tools are and the ones proper for you, I can find the right keywords to use in your blog contact me.

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