5 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors, presents an outline for the most powerful factors in SEO. Ranking in Search Engines is something that determines how a business will operate online, not only a high ranking boost to secure that you are better than your competitors on the market. In many circumstances, online earnings are the direct factor, as maximum people do shopping on high-ranking sites. For these analyses, you will require your site to rank as huge as possible.

How Search Engines Works?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines rely on algorithms to determine which site to rank higher, many years ago, Backlinks were all that expressed for Google, but in the current year, especially with Panda and Penguin updates, the search engine monster has tried to rank sites that have the best content, on-page, and off-page SEO and best user experience. This post will consider what some of the important ranking factors for search engines are and how they affect SERPs.

Tof 5 SEO Ranking Factors

Secure Web Site

Google and different search engines analyze the security of a website to be a big ranking factor. Having SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your site will help, and if your site is crashed or it contains code that can install malware on your visitors’ computers and phones, you may be ranked down from pages or even be eliminated from the results.

Website Speed or Page Speed

Google favors sites that load lightning fasts typically, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than 80 percent of visitors leave the site. To keep a website quick load, you can minify the code, remove useless plugins and content from the page and use Content Delivery Networks (CDN), among other things.
There are many tools available on the internet to estimate your web page’s speed, one of the most popularly used tools is called Page Speed insights that Google itself produced.

Social Signals

While Google doesn’t support it officially, Many SEO specialists consider that Social Signals are a factor in SEO rankings. Social Signals for SEO are focused on how the content is doing on Social Media, content that has been shared a million times on social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Reddit is viewed as high-quality and is ranked higher.

User Response on site

Google and other search engines pay a big amount of attention to how users behave once they have decided on a site from the search results. If many users come back very quickly, Google will think that content on site was not helpful, and your site may be reduced in search results. Likewise, Clickthrough rate, stay time, and bounce rate all are important factors in SEO Rankings.

Mobile Accessibility of the site

Because most web traffic comes from android mobile, search engines consider the Mobile Friendliness of a site to show search results to a mobile visitor. For the most reliable possible results, make sure that your website is responsive in design and can adjust to any screen size. Also, make sure that clickable fields are big enough for fingers to tap on them and the content on-site does not overflow horizontally beyond the screen size. If possible, having AMP enabled on your website will also help Ranking and page speed.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization of a site is all about making the content on the page easy to understand for search engines. In On-Page SEO, we operate on adding extra metadata on the page that a Search Engine can use to understand what the page is about and how to show it on search results once the page has ranked.


Now that we have closed all major Search Engine Ranking Factors, you acknowledge what to do and what to neglect when you are composing content and designing your website. About SEO, there is one thing every user should understand, to create sites for users first, and once that is done, Search Engines will read and rank your content too.

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