Learn Computer Fundamentals

Learn computer Fundamentals tutorial. However, you will learn the primary and advance the concept of computers. This tutorial is for both beginners and professionals who are attentive
to learn more about the computer.

As we know the computer is an electronic device that is used to solve any complex problem. The computer was developed by Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871. The word “Computer” is obtained from the Latin word “Computer” which mean to calculate a different kind of problems. It can be discussed further as a programmable machine that is used in some numerical calculations. Before many decades these machines were used for only calculation. But nowadays they are extensively and hugely used in all sections of human society.

After that, Before the move to learn advanced computer knowledge. Learn computer Fundamentals of the computer. I will highly recommend being aware of this topic in-depth as it would make you more cool and comfortable while getting more to learn advanced computer skills.

Modern computers are extremely advanced thanks to the new up-gradation and improvement of technologies. They can save a vast amount of data in the internal as well as external sources. Computer Hard disk is the basic source of saving data as well. But now a day’s computer speed has extremely increased. A jobholder can perform calculations in seconds instead of wasting more time performing his calculations manually. It is because of the great development in the IT sector especially in computer hardware peripherals devices which are also advanced that it is hard to believe.

The Speed of a computer primarily depends upon some factors such as Processor Speed, Size of RAM (Random Access Memory) in MB or GB, Motherboard.

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