Learn Go Programming Language

Learn Go Programming Language. This tutorial will give you the basic and advanced concept of the Go Programming language. Because it’s for both professionals and beginners.

What is Go Programming Language?

Basically Go is an open-source programming language. Go programming language was released in the year 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. Go programming language developed with the sight of fast development and best performance.

Why do we Learn Go Programming Language?

Learn Go language is an effort to adjust the ease of programming Explanation, Vital typed language with the productivity, and welfare of a passive typed, compiled language. It has the same syntax as to C language. It is released with the sight of high performance and the fastest development. Go Language gives the welfare, garbage collection, Vital typing capability, and various advanced built-in types such as arrays, variable length and key-value maps, etc.

  1. It is modern, swift and has a powerful standard library.
  2. Go has built-in coincidence.
  3. Go uses interfaces as the building blocks of code recyclable.

The primary structure of Go programs include of following parts:-

  • Variables.
  • Function.
  • Comments.
  • Statements and Expressions.
  • Package Declaration.
  • Import Packages.

However, Let’s see an example of the Go Program to print “Hello World”.

package main  
import "fmt"  
func main() {  
   fmt.Println("Hello, World")  
Hello, World!

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