Learn Operating System Tutorial

Learn Operating System describes as an interface between user and machine. It gives an environment to the user. The user can perform different tasks in a suitable and efficient way.

Learn Operating system behaves like a manager of the resources such as software and hardware which need to perform different tasks. Therefore, the Operating system is the resource manager. It can manage the resources of a computer fundamental system Internally. The resources are memory, processor, files, and input and output devices. However, In a simple way, the Operating system is the interface between the user and the hardware.

Operating System Management Tasks:

  1. Processor Management requires adding the task into order and pairing them into manageable sizes before they to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).
  2. Storage management Directs stable data storage.
  3. The application allows standard communication between software and Machine.
  4. Memory Management synchronizes the data from Random Access Memory (RAM) and modifies the need for virtual memory.
  5. Device Management Gives an interface between attached devices.
  6. The user interface allows you to communicate with your Machine.

Functions of Operating System

  • It implements basic computer tasks. Such as, managing the many peripheral devices like mouse and keyboards.
  • It boots the computer
  • It gives a user interface, such as a graphical user interface (GUI), Command line.
  • OS holds Operating system resources like computer memory and sharing of the CPU time by many peripheral devices or applications.
  • It gives file management which refers to the way that the operating system operates, stores retrieve, and save data.
  • Error Handling is completed by the operating system. It takes preventative measures whenever needed to avoid errors.

What does an Operating system do?

  1. Process Synchronization
  2. Memory Management
  3. CPU Scheduling
  4. Process Management
  5. Security
  6. File Management

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