Difference Between section vs div tag

The <div> and <section> tag are used in HTML webpage. <div> tag is used as a block and doesn’t convey any special meaning, whereas <section> tag implies that the content inside relates to a single subject matter.

Differences between HTML <section> vs <div>

Let’s debate some fundamental differences between HTML Section vs Div in the below points:

  1. The <div> tag is normally a blank container that defines a unit type. It doesn’t impact the contents whatever the creator writes the front end code like headers, footers, or any layout modifications also both horizontal and vertical layout, it doesn’t impact it. But in Section per section sort should be specified and included with heading like <h1> to <h6> as a child node of the <section> elements.
  2. <Section> element it creates individually to syndicate the elements contents rather then<article> tag. In <nav> tag used for navigation menu is a list of search results and map for a specific tag, It also put inside the <section> tag. The section also has global attributes.

Comparison HTML Difference between Section vs Div

The table below summarizes the comparisons between HTML Section vs Div:

Section TagDiv Tag
This tag represents a section of documents like sections, headers, and footers.This tag represents a separate partition or segment of the document.
<section> element is use for html5 version.Both tags are used for the html5 version.
This is not a normal container and has universal attributes.This is a normal container.
When making sections in the HTML5 version, the ID must be unique, and the class must use it multiple times as needed.When div tag, place any HTML tag inside the
element and cannot be used inside. Because the paragraph tag will break at any time.
Section tag including article elements in HTML Div tag includes all the elements where the <p> element should not force to do it.
HTML section vs DIV

Div Tag

<p>What is Soft Codeon</p>
<p>A best website to learn programming, wordpress, digital marketing and much more</p>

The <div> tag has no particular meaning. It is usually used as a block of children’s elements.

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Section Tag

<p>Welcome to Soft Codeon</p>
<p>Welcome to Soft Codeon</p>

The <section> tag gives more semantic syntax than the div tag.

In this post, we discussed the difference between the section and div elements. If you have any questions please comment below.

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