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Career in PHP | Developer Salary Survey

A career in PHP | Developer Salary Survey. In this article, we will learn about a Career in PHP. Assume you are achieving on your next big projects? Looking for ideas to fix things, obtaining the best clarification, development strategy, platform, and framework within budget with better applicability. Well, don’t panic! We have the clarification for you. PHP is all you need to kick off the project specifically the way you wanted.

Let’s see how?

  • PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
  • Designed by: Rasmus Lerdorf
  • Developed by:  PHP Development team
  • First invented Date: 1995
  • Implementation language: C, C++
  • OS: UNIX and Windows
  • File Extension: .php, .phtml, .php3, .php4, .php5, .php7. PHP, .php-s, .pht

From learning to possibilities and from career to an application, a career in PHP has extensive power, and this is what the meaning of the discussion is. So, without ado let’s get excited.

Education Need For Career in PHP

PHP developers are a brand of developers who distribute with developing websites, applications, and programs with the use of PHP language. As a PHP developer, often one will be working in some IT firms (worldwide) but large demands in the scheme firms and business are also there. To hit the endless possibilities for a PHP developer the education qualification is not precise but general.

You will be doing strong code programming frequently in your career. A PHP developer charge includes modular programming, object-oriented programming, application design, implementations, and web development.

Education for PHP developer is a bachelor’s degree in computer science(preferred), but any bachelor’s degree is okay. If you do not belong to a computer science stream, next you must love the coding and programming kinds of stuff to grow in this field. A Master’s degree in computer education (M.C.A) is also very significant in the long term. A common 4-year degree program in Computer science is most relevant as it has the following programs in-built into it. Let’s have a look

  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • Web programming
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • OOPS

MCA (Masters in Computer Arts ) degree will be effective after several years of experience in managerial professions. The works on which the applicants are found are logical thinking, interpersonal skills, analysis, and teamwork.

Career Path in PHP

Nobody can divine any stream. Things are growing all the time. We have seen that Symbian got replaced by Android and iPhone. So, one thing for certain to keep in mind for all the users is that the day you feel comfortable that by learning only PHP (or any certain tech) you are safe and continue your growth, then stop. There are newly many similar technologies available in the market like JavaScript which makes the situation even more detrimental for a PHP developer.

Regarding certification, there are several learning areas that are must to know for a PHP developer. These areas are listed below

  • MySQL developer and administrator certifications
  • Linux OS
  • Ubuntu
  • jQuery
  • XML understanding
  • Web development


Before we discuss the Salary details of a PHP developer, let us check some pre-conditions that assist to achieve the salary present by the companies worldwide. The need for the technology and difficulty requirement determines the salary frequently, aside from these determinants the talent and skills in a candidate are continuously a prime reason to get selected.

  • The average PHP developer salary is around 2.4 lakhs in India.
  • The average PHP developer salary in the USA is $88, 574.
  • The average PHP developer salary in Pakistan is ₨ 65,000.
  • These salary variations as per the experience and skillful candidate is concerned.


This programming language is quite easy to learn compared to other languages. Also, there are infinite start-ups and small and mid-size businesses that do not have a huge budget, so PHP fits all their requirement (being an open-source). To be selected as a PHP developer one requirement is to show skill in PHP language. For mature guys, showcasing past project details are good and for the freshers a proper perception of related terms and concept is important. So, last but not least get part in any of the coding challenges, make a portfolio with project design details, and do freelance work (if possible). There are many marketplaces available for freelancers. So, you can choose one of them for practice.

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