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Top 8 Fundamental Advantages Of PHP

Top 8 Fundamental Advantages Of PHP. PHP is identified as the general-purpose programming language. It is used as a server-side scripting language which is essentially used for the advancement of websites. The frameworks of PHP also make web development easier. This PHP framework assists in reusing the same program/code and there is no need to write long and complex code for web applications. PHP is largely open-source and can be used simply. It was formed by Rasmus Lerdorf and it was developed in the year 1994. PHP was composed in C language originally but some of the components were written in C++ language as well.

Advantages of PHP

Following are the Top 8 Fundamental Advantages Of PHP which are as follows:

1. Simple and Easy

PHP is simple and easy to code and learn. It is primarily built code and clean, that encourages the new developers also. The control functions of PHP can quickly learn and experienced. The one who understands any programming language can easily work on PHP. It is easy to learn, as its learning hook is not large. The syntax is simple and compliant to use.

2. Database

PHP is quickly connected with the database and makes the link securely with databases. It has a built-in module that is used to connect to the database quickly. There are many website applications, which need a strong programming language with a reliable database management system. PHP and its database connection solve the purpose of the development of web applications. It overcomes the time to join a database management system (DBMS) as well. Various databases can be integrated with PHP.

3. Fast

PHP is identified as the most active Programming language as compared to another. PHP applications can be easily placed over the slow Internet and data acceleration. Other applications take a lot of time to connect the database and get the data after executing specific queries to the database. PHP does not encounter this problem and it loads the website very clear and fast. The fast speed of PHP gives the developer an edge to develop web applications in PHP programming language.

4. Support

This advantage of PHP has excellent online support and community, which carries the new developers to help in composing the program and growing the web applications. The documentation given at the official site helps in using the different features of PHP and its framework. The latest updates are released suitable by the PHP to make it sound for the developer to develop the web-based applications.

5. Stable

It is stable as corresponded to other programming languages. It has been in being for a long time. The developers have worked on PHP to compose it easy for the programmers to work on extending the PHP web-based applications. They have fixed the problems and bugs over the period of time for the different versions of PHP and make it extremely stable.

6. Security

PHP frameworks built-in feature and tools perform it more accessible to defend the web applications from outer attacks and security threats. The security threats can be like SQL injection, data tampering, and forgery, etc. To defend from these security threats, developers used PHP frameworks for developing web applications.

7. Maintenance

PHP framework is used to create web applications. It helps the development more comfortable and maintains the code automatically. The model view controller architecture in the PHP framework improves the code to be easily maintained and used. The MVC architecture helps the separation of a file for various modules separately.

8. Open Source

PHP is open-source and free of cost, which helps developers to install it immediately and easily available for use. There are a number of PHP frameworks and developers can choose any of the frameworks to work. All the features and tools will be presented to the developer for that framework quickly. As it is open-source, it makes the system fast with PHP in quick time and performs web development faster with the help of presenting the tools and other features easily.


PHP has a set of advantages and some are defined above. It has disadvantages but it is still better than other programming languages as well. It is generally a widely-used programming language and many people are using this programming language for performing different types of web-based applications. It is used because of its characteristics and open source. It does not cost and is powerful to develop the customized application combined with other programming languages as well.
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