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5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins For 2022

WordPress Lead Generation Plugins are important for all online companies. Sure, there must be a powerful strategy to turn leads into customers. However, most companies seek to obtain enough leads in the first place. It means gaining the interest of potential customers.

This Lead Generation system can be done in some different ways.

  • Using Newsletter form.
  • Using Contact form or inquiry.
  • Contact through live chat.
  • Make a call with them.
  • Automated Chatbot.

In this post, you will discover the 5 best powerful WordPress lead generation plugins.

These WordPress lead generation plugins will support you compile leads, growing your email list, building long-lasting customer connections, running timed offers, and more. With this list, we aim to share the final best WordPress Lead Generation plugins that you can use to increase your business faster.

Top 5 WordPress Lead Generation plugins for WordPress:

  1. ConvertPro
  2. Bloom
  3. WP Subscribe
  4. Tawk.To Live Chat
  5. WPForms


ConvertPro is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin that provides you the option to become a pro at boosting conversions on your website. It can use to produce amazing opt-in components. It has an extensive template library but also delivers the capability to make unique designs.

ConvertPro Lead Generation Plugin
ConvertPro Lead Generation Plugin

Your website quickness and interpretation will never be less when using this opt-in form solution since it’s positively optimized and loads lighting quickly, no value what type of campaigns you initiate. All ConvertPro templates are saved in the cloud, It means you only have to install and use the ones you desire, and never have to extract your website down with extreme bloat.

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In conclusion, you can survey campaign improvement using real-time analytics, integrate campaigns with Google Analytics, and import data into your WordPress website so you can access it in the dashboard at all times.


  • Create one-click popup.
  • Show customized messages.
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Create multi variant testing.
  • Drag & Drop Editor.
  • Super Fast Loading.
  • Conversions With A/B Testing.
  • Design Freedom.
  • Behavioral Triggers.


Bloom is a lead generation and email opt-in plugin that supports you with the flexibility to make beauty opt-in forms that people truly want to fill out. Choose from 100 + additional pre-made templates to get started, three different form directions to stand out from the contest, and customize your form by modifying the Borders, edges, Color schemes, fonts overall style, etc.

Bloom Lead Generation
Bloom Lead Generation

Bloom arrives with 6 classic display types including popup, inline, fly-in, below content, content lock, and widget area. But the most awesome thing about Bloom is the trigger styles because they are so from the other spurs located in popular lead generation plugins:

Bloom arrives with a bunch of helpful qualities that make effective people subscribe easier.


  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins.
  • 3 Types of Opt-In Form Orientations.
  • Image Orientation Options.
  • Unlimited Color Options.
  • Automatic Pop-Up Triggers.
  • Conversions With A/B Testing.
  • Track Accounts.
  • Conversion and Email List Statistics.
  • Import and Export Bloom Data.

WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe is one of the best FREE plugins for lead generation in the market. It’s transparent so it won’t drag your site’s execution down, and is full of optimized code so it consistently loads quickly. You can customize the subscribe box text, use multiple opt-ins in the same sidebar left or right, and add an email subscribe form to any widget-sized area in your WordPress site.

WP Subscriber Lead Generation Plugin
WP Subscriber Free Lead Generation Plugin

Want to add a little more style to your opt-in? Customize it using CSS Language if you have the skillset. There is also a pro plan with some extra features.


  • Modify text showing in subscription box.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Easily customized using custom CSS.
  • Can be used more than once in different sidebars.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Compatible with caching and SEO plugins.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Position it anywhere.

Tawk.to Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat is an easy and free live chat plugin that folds as a WordPress lead generation plugin for your blog. No cost No spam, No ads. Interact with your site users, answer their queries, manage their discomfort points, and deliver instant responses. But more than that, organize website visitor contact details and use this live chat plugin as a lead generation tool to construct your email list.

Tawk.To Live Chat 
Tawk.To Live Chat 

Never miss another chance, whether it be a lead or sale, and manage the user understanding of those that like instant communion with you and your team.

Tawk.To Live works on Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and MacOSX. Or, you can log in to this live chat solution on any trendy browser.


  • Geo IP Tracking.
  • 45+ Languages Supports.
  • Message Filtering.
  • High Load Dashboard.
  • Secure Encryption.
  • Track Engagemen.
  • Desktop Notifications.
  • Ban/Unban Visitors.
  • Scheduler.
  • Visitor Information.
  • Mail Notifications.
  • Video + Voice (Add-on).


WPForms is the most beginner-friendly form builder for WordPress. It lets you make any form that you require for your website including signup and registration forms.

With 90+ templates and its strong drag and drop form builder, you can effortlessly make a beautiful form in just a few minutes without skimming a single line of code. It’s also extremely easy to add the form anywhere on your site including pages, posts, footer, and sidebars.

Wpform lead generation plugin
Wpforms lead generation plugin

You can also sync the form with your email marketing service. This will create it comfortable to add leads to email welcome sequences and attention campaigns.


  • Drag & Drop Form Builder.
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly.
  • Smart Conditional Logic.
  • Form Templates.
  • Multi-Page Forms.
  • Entry Management.
  • Spam Protection.
  • 25+ Best Addon Support (Mailchimp, Square, AWeber, GetResponse, etc).
  • User Registration.
  • Instant Notifications.
  • File Uploads.

Now, go there and start generating more leads from your WordPress website. If you are still confused, which plugin should we use? Contact Us.

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