Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Marketing your goods or service in the B2B area is undeniably challenging. More expensive, difficult products, and a long series of approval all model barriers to your proposed buyers when they are about to buy anything.

The Best Social marketing campaigns examples could be a magnificent way to join in conversation with your proposed customers to make them engaged in your products. But the key towards that end is to come up with unique social medial marketing campaign strategies. It’s not rocket science, and you can discover from those who have successfully tried out their customer outreach programs with productive social marketing campaigns examples.

5 Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Following are some social marketing campaigns:

Tasty from Buzzfeed

Launched in July 2015, the spunky and productive social recipe publisher Tasty has made more than 106 million followers on Facebook, besides millions of clicks on videos that the company has posted. Isn’t that just WOW? It’s a really powerful and badass social marketing campaign example.

Tasty is the brainchild of social media marketing campaign champion Buzzfeed. Its social media pages have short videos of Buzzfeed described to recipes that are ideal for the concentration span of social media tanks.


Starbucks’ is a UK campaign was sparked by transgender customers who were sharing stories about hearing their names out at the coffee chain. The video spot emphasizes James who is frequently deadnamed in many situations. When the Starbucks barista requests for his name, he says it and has it written on a cup.


In addition to the video, Starbucks also partnered with Mermaids, nonprofit supporting gender-diverse children, and their families. The company granted the proceeds of the limited-edition Mermaids Cookie to the organization and exceeded their fundraising goal of $100,000. #WhatsYourName won various prizes and expressed how successful a social media marketing campaign could be when it indicates a company’s core value.

Burberry Snapchat Pre-show

Who likes spoilers? Honestly, many of us. Burberry’s excellent branding plan has been created on a basic human nature—interest. While most brands work hard not to drop the spoilers over social marketing campaigns, Burberry moved the diametrically opposite way and earned big appreciation for it.

The British luxury fashion house went digital and willingly shared their entire summer and spring line on Snapchat, just a day before London Fashion Week (LFW) beat off last year. What say? The company hit gold spoiling their LFW gems. It used the hashtag #LFW. The powerful and surely wonderful marketing campaign created a lot of buzz among the millennial audience. Behind innovators, Burberry became a fashion titan.

HelpIsComing from Save the Children

Save the Children came up with impactful social marketing campaign standards in the last year. The organization pulled at our heartstrings in 2014 with a great PSA in the new year, armed with the about 90 second long “Most Shocking Second a Day” video. The video was released on the third festival of the civil war in Syria.
You must have by now revived this video. It was a blast on social media dragging over five million views and counting.

Save the Children offered “Help is Coming”, a hit Crowded House single, smoothly downloadable from iTunes. Powerful people like Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Nigella Lawson, British rock band Coldplay and singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, joined the leadership and shared the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. The campaign was started in September 2015. Searches for the phrase “help is coming” and “Syria”, according to Google Trends, surged exponentially after the campaign worked viral. The popular non-profit organization bulldozed its approach to our list.

Most Shocking Second a Day Video

Epic Estonia

Epic Estonia! Where? Honestly—and with no disgust to all our Estonian friends who may be reading this article—many are incredible to know anything about the people that are made up of some 1,500 islands. Many may still can not find it on the map. So when your job is to boost tourism in a country about which various are not aware, you have to let your inventive juices flow till the very last drop to be successful.
Having checked out Epic Estonia, there’s only one thing that we can say: Estonians, your country is very beautiful and attractive, and your tourism service is cool to bring up such a wonderful social media marketing campaign.

That’s a job very well done.

Beautiful Estonia
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