Ruby Installation Tutorial

Ruby Installation Tutorial. Ruby is an open-source programming language. It has developed the rules of least surprise. Mats says I wish to spy Ruby assist each developer in the world to be fruitful and to enjoy to write programming, and to be joyful. That is the general motive of Ruby’s programming language. That is the primary motive of Ruby language”. When Ruby was released there was a problem installing ruby. But nowadays there is no problem installing ruby on the Operating System. You can write Ruby Code on any platform.

Ruby Installer Downloading.

As an open-source programming language, Ruby has been ported to execute on many computer platforms and frameworks. This means if you design a Ruby code on one machine, it’s probably you’ll be able to execute it without any changes.

In this tutorial, we’ll install the latest version of Ruby 2.

There are many ways to manage and install Ruby on windows. If you’re on windows. they simply way to take Ruby and install it by using the latest version of Ruby installer for windows. Download the latest installation of Ruby 2. After your download is successful, you just need to double-click on the downloaded .exe application. Accept all the default notices. After that, you have installed Ruby Application, the system setup variable path is already set to point to the bin folder. However, check whether this has been set properly or not. If not sort externally. If you’re on a Linux, MAC, or Unix Operating system OS, then you can either use rbenv with ruby-build or RVM. But we do not recommend installing Ruby via pack managers on Unix, Ruby versions available via package manager might be outdated. More information on many installation options with details can be found here.

Download Ruby Editor:

You can use any editor such as Notepad++, not a word processor. You can write a code in Ruby programming language install in Notepad++. Create a folder where you want to store the Ruby program write code and store it in a folder. This folder should be separate from other work areas. However, you keep track of your practice program files.
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Ruby Installation, Do not delay to ask any questions. Related to installing and managing up Ruby or an Editor perfectly in the forums.

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