PHP Global Variable

PHP Global variables are declared above the method or functions, also they can be expressed inside of the functions as well. A global variable is just like any other variable but the disparity is that this scope is global in application. If we create any variable global then we can access that variable from our entire application which tells inside or outside of the script as well. Global variable functions the exact way everywhere, as the name, suggests they are global for other help. In the coming area, we will discuss this PHP Global Variable in detail.

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PHP Global Variable

Global Variable can be displayed like any other variable. But to get them we require to follow some prototype. First, we will see how to display a global variable in PHP which can be accessed anywhere in the application.

$var = your_value;

As you can see here we just require to specify the variable name but for this, we use the $ symbol. After this, we can allocate any value to the variable we like. For a more suitable experience, we will see one method of syntax which can be used in the program while coding.

$var = "Hello i am global variable";

Global Variable work in PHP?

These variables can be accessed from inside or outside of the function. As we have discussed previously also that we just display them like other variables, but in order to access them we require to follow some standards described by the PHP. So here we will see how to use them inside the function and how to declare variables in PHP. For a better experience, we will see one example for beginners to get more transparency of the global variable. But before proceeding ahead we will discuss some of its properties for accessing global variables we will also see where we store our global variable.

In PHP, it supports an array where it stores all the global variables that we described in an application. Using this array, we can access this variable in and out of the script. Let’s see some vital points for the global variable in order to use them inside the application.

Global Array

In PHP we use an array to access this global variable. Like any other programming language, it keeps the history of the global variable in an array. If you like to access any special element or variable from the array, we have to pass the exact name of the variable to access them. Let’s see the syntax for this.


As you can see in the above sequences of code we are using the $GLOBALS keyword to access them pursued by the square bracket. Inside this bracket, we have to give the variable name that we want to access. Let’s see one practice example for better performance.


<h2 style = " color :greeb ">Global variable in PHP !!</h2>
//decraring global variable
$var1 = "Hello  ";
$var2 = "This  ";
$var3 = "is  ";
$var4 = "global variable  ";
$var5 = "!";
//printing result here
echo $var1.$var2.$var3.$var4.$var5;


By using the global variable we can access variables in our entire application these are useful when we have to use the same value in the entire application for example username, password and so many other details depending on the prerequisite. We just require to heed some measures while accessing them inside the function.

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