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5 Best Paypal Alternatives for WordPress store

The Best Paypal Alternatives for WordPress. When you create an online store in WordPress, you must have a payment method to accept payment for your product. You can create an online store in WordPress using plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. These plugins offer many types of payment gateways such as direct bank transfers, credit, and debit cards. However, PayPal is the most widespread online payment solution. Service for businesses and people using WordPress websites. If PayPal doesn’t work for you, here are some of the best PayPal alternatives you can get to collect payments from customers on your WordPress store.

Problems with PayPal?

Many people express that PayPal is costly, hard-and-fast in its operations, and isn’t easy to set up on its website.

You require a PayPal business account to collect payments which is not a reasonable solution when you are not running a business store. Though many homelands allow transforming your personal account to a business one, it is not possible in some countries like Pakistan, China, etc. You require a real business license to transform the account type. Hence, it will not work when you just sell eBooks and other creatives as a person without a registered business address.

Handling conflicts in PayPal is a painful task and most of the time they anonymously determine it without verifications.

Best PayPal Alternatives to Collect Payment

These PayPal options are more comfortable for integration as they have multiple options for their setups. Here are our best choices and how they work.

1. Stripe

Stripe is one of the most powerful PayPal alternatives, especially for online businesses. Stripe is PayPal’s main opposition from the comfort of use, low cost, and potential integration assistance they offer. Their payment solution is customizable and adjustable. However, analyzing its features to fully effectively needs programming knowledge. That’s why it’s a creator’s first choice for payment gateways.

You can accept payments from all over the world as much as their operations are in over 47+ countries. Their charge is 2.9% per transaction and a plus charge of 30¢, and it smashes most other platforms.

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2. Google Pay

It’s more comfortable and easier to receive money using Google Pay on your WordPress store’s checkout page. They are significant as an extreme payment solution for any business type. As such, you have the guarantee of a sound security system and can create forms using their API once you fall into their criteria.

Their gateways allow simple integrations as performance is from their developer documentation. With a few lines of code, your setup is live or running, and you can receive your payments at an instance. For WooCommerce sites, the standalone plugin for Google Wallet hasn’t been updated for a while. Now, you can use a plugin like WooCommerce Gateway Stripe to integrate popular payment gateways including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

3. AuthorizeNet

It is normally for commercial intents and has tight security measures with 24/7 customer support and advanced fraud detection as its core features. It also helps with invoicing, point-of-sale checkout, regular billing, and a Robust API. The gateway creates it feasible to accept payment from PayPal, Visa Click, Apple Pay, eChecks, debit, and credit cards.

Integration to WordPress needs their help for developers, using their allies, or adding an easy buy now button. You can accept payments from international customers worldwide, but your business must be in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia. Then, you incur $25 monthly charges and a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

4. Skrill

It is known as one of the fastest international payments comparable to PayPal with the support for cryptocurrency. You can comprise its gateway configuration into the WordPress site by using their API or with the official WooCommerce plugin. This payment system has top-level security with worldwide blessing in over 200+ countries while supporting 40+ currencies.

You experience the comfort of use with their services as they provide you instant withdrawal to your bank account, or you can order for their prepaid card. This card is permissible in all ATM cash points and any online store. And you incur charges based on the withdrawal method available for your country and connecting currency. Finally, you don’t pay any fee in receiving money from customers if money conversion is not involved.

5. Payoneer

The payment gateway is available in many countries, though the integration is not possible with a WordPress plugin, only through their API. Yet, you can request a customer to send you money via credit card, local bank transfer, or their Payoneer account on your website. You don’t have to bother in withdrawing as there is a provision of a debit card for use in any ATM or immediate withdrawal of funds to your local bank.

You have to only deal with their fees of 3% charge per receiving payment via credit card, plus 1.50 the same currency local bank withdrawal, or 2% of the withdrawal amount in another currency. It manages to meet the requirements of business customers in over 150 countries and money. Their target demand is mainly small & medium-sized businesses, and their setups are comfortable and need no particular knowledge.


Integrating PayPal into the WordPress website is an awesome easy-to-use add-on from WooCommerce and other online store plugins like Easy Digital Downloads. However, PayPal will delay your website and common users do not use PayPal accounts for payments. Considering these facts, you can check the above-listed PayPal alternatives for your WordPress store. 

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