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How to Paginate Comments in WordPress

Paginate Comments in WordPress is a wonderful track to boost your website’s speed when the website comments section is fully active. The more comments has to load to your website, the more extended the entire page will take to load. This is specifically true if your website keeps Gravatars.

It may not affect a small website but, It affects when you receive thousands of comments. Now, WordPress has an option to solve this problem. You do not need any plugins to do this. Today, I will explain how we can load comments with pagination in WordPress to speed up your post load time.

What is Pagination?

Pagination is the process of splitting content into many pages. The main advantage of doing this is to boost up the speed of the website in WordPress. For instance, if you have to load 100 comments or 1000 comments, which will take more time to load? It should be prominent that loading 100 comments are much faster and this is true about more content. Loading more nominal content will result in adequate speeds for your website.

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It’s constantly a good concept to make your website speedy. Not only do users want pages to load faster, but quickness is also one of the aspects that specify your search engine ranking.

Paginate Comments in WordPress

You must be extra attentive with spam comments. Comments can be useful but they can also break your website. Adding Pagination is an easy two-step procedure.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate Settings >> Discussion.
  3. Set break comments into pages. e.g 10 or 20.
  4. Click on “Save changes“.
Pagination of Comments in WordPress website
Add Pagination to the Comments Section

You can now see any favored post on your blog that has a lot of comments. You will detect the pagination links below to the sorted comments. Relying on your theme’s styling, you will see the style of pagination.

We hope that this post supported you to paginate comments on WordPress Website. If you have a problem please comment below.

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