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Learn Computer Networking. This tutorial is for both beginners and professionals. A computer network is a set of computers or devices connected to each other through a link or wire. A node can be a printer, Computer, and the device which is use to send or receive the data from Network. The links adding the nodes are known as communication channels.

Computer Network uses allocate processing in which task is the divide among various computer. Instead, a single computer manages an entire task, every separate computer handles a subset.

What is Computer Networking?

  • The purpose of the computer network is the sharing of resources among may devices.
  • Computer Networking is a group of devices or computers group together through optical fibers, wire or optical links so that many devices can interact with each other through a network.
  • In the case of computer networking technology, there are many types of networks that differ from simple to complex levels.

Uses Of Computer Network:

  1. Server-Client model: Learn Computer Networking is use in the server-client model. A server is a central computer use to store the information and retain it by the system administrator. The client is the machines use to manipulate the access the information stored in the server remotely.
  2. Communication medium: Computer Network works as a communication medium among users. For Example, A company contains many computers that have an email system that the employees use for daily communication.
  3. E-Commerce: Computer network is also essential in businesses. We can do the work over the internet. For Example, Amazon is doing its business over the internet.
  4. Resource Sharing: Resource sharing is the sharing of resources like printers, programs, and data to the users on the network without the need for the physical location of the resource and the user.

Following are the benefits of Distributed processing:

  • Safety: It gives restricted interplay that a person can have with the complete system. For instance, a financial institution permits the customers to entry their very own accounts by an ATM without permitting them to entry the financial institution’s whole database.
  • Sooner downside fixing: A number of computer systems can remedy the issue sooner than a single machine working alone.
  • Safety by redundancy: A number of computer systems operating the identical program at an identical time can present safety by redundancy. For instance, if 4 computer systems run the identical program and any pc has a {hardware} error, then different computer systems can override it.

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