The HTML Headings

In this tutorial, you will learn complete HTML Heading Elements. An HTML heading element can be defined as a title and subtitles that you want to show on the webpage. When you put a text in the heading <h1>……… tag . It will show on the web browser in the largest format and also it will bold.

There are 6 different HTML headings that are described with the tags, from the Largest level format to lowest level format. H1 tag is most important for Google search results.

So, H1 is mostly used for heading and h6 is used for the lowest heading.

HTML headings help the search engines to understand the text and index them to the search engine result.


<h1>The Heading No. 1</h1>  
<h2>The Heading no. 2</h2>  
<h3>The Heading no. 3</h3>  
<h4>The Heading no. 4</h4>  
<h5>The Heading no. 5</h5>  
<h6>The Heading no. 6</h6>  

HTML elements (h1 to h6 ) must be used for headings only. They shouldn’t be used to make a text big or bold.

However, HTML heading elements must be used with nested elements. The following example to display the way to use heading elements.


<!DOCTYPE html>  
    <title>Heading elements</title>  
     <h1>This is main heading of page. </h1>  
      <p>h1 is the most important heading, which is used to display the keyword of page in search result </p>  
     <h2>This is first sub-heading</h2>  
      <p>h2 describes the first sub heading of page. </p>  
     <h3>This is Second sub-heading</h3>  
      <p>h3 describes the second sub heading of page.</p>  
      <p>We can use h1 to h6 tag to use the different sub-heading with their paragraphs if         

Why is an H1 heading so important?

So, keyword in your H1 Tag, is so important, it will help search engines to understand what the page is all about. Another point why HTML headings are important for SEO in which they make it easier for users to navigate through the page. The user can see at a glance what the page is about bt taking a view at the H1 tag.

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