HTML Global Attributes

In this tutorial, you will learn Global Attributes which are common for all HTML elements. The global attributes assist by both standard and non-standard elements.
The global attributes can be used with all elements, even they may not have any effect on many elements.

HTML defines many attributes that are common to all elements. These attributes may be specified on all elements, with some exceptions where it is not suitable. Like <head> section of the document E.g , <script>, <base> etc.

HTML Global Attributes

Here, I will show you a full list of global attributes with the description:

Attributes Value Description
accesskey character It is used to create keyboard shortcuts for the element.
class classname It is used to give the class name for the element. It is mostly use with the CSS stylesheet.
Contenteditable true
It confirm whether the content within an element is editable.
data-* somevalue It is used to save element-specific private data that can be retrieve
by Javascript.
contextmenu menu_id It describe the id for the <menu> element that is used as a context menu  for an element.
draggable true
It defines either the content within an element is portable or not using Drag and Drop API.
dir rtl
It defines the controle of the content inside the current element.
dropzone copy
It defines the action is taken on the dragged element when it is dropped, ¬¬ such as whether it is copied, moved or linked.
id id It defines a unique id for the element. It can be use with CSS and JavaScript.
hidden   It is used to hide the element from view of the document.
style style It is used to apply inline CSS to the element.
lang language-code It defines the primary language for the content of an element.
spellcheck true false It defines either the content should be checked for spelling errors or not.
translate yes
It defines whether the content of the element should be translated when the web  page is localized or not.
title text It is used to give the title, or some extra information about the element.

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