How to Install Python On Windows

How to Install Python on Windows to run our programs. We know Python is one of the best papular programming languages for its unique combination of object-oriented structure and simple syntax. Python is also an interpreted language, you do not need to learn how to compile a program into machine code. It allows you to run your programs instantly while you write your code.

Python is easy to learn doesn’t mean you should alleviate its potential power. The largest companies in the world like NASA, Google, and Facebook also use python language to reduce their complexity.

Now you can install Python on the Windows platform, so if you’re on windows, this article is for you.

Now Get Python Setup:

Python setup is available on their website, You should go to their website to download the latest release of python. After that, you need to click on Download Button. When you clicked the download button your downloading setup will start within seconds.
Pyhon Downloads

If you need an older version you can scroll down there and get what you want. But I will recommend you should download the latest release.

Install Python:

Alright, you have downloaded the python setup, So open it to start the installer.
It is safe to accept the default install location, and it is vital to put Python to Path. If you do not add Pthoon to your Path, then Python Application won’t know where to find Python. It is not selected by default, so activate it at the bottom of the Installation window before continuing.

Python Installation

Before allowing you to install an Application you need to install it from a publisher other than Microsoft, and you must give approval. Press the YES button when prompted by the user account Controle System.
Wait for a few minutes for setup completion.Python Progress Setup in Progress:
Python setup SuccessPython Setup Successfully Installed on your window.
Time to write a code open .exe file of python and write code.
input pyton

Alright, Finally we have run our code on Python Prompt. But if you want to write a good with the awesome interface you can use our online Python Compiler. Other you can use like Atom, and Pycharm. Which compiler do you look best for? Download and get start code with Python.

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