How to Install Bootstrap | In a Simple way

How to Install Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an open-source web framework. It is mainly used for front-end development. It is free of cost. Bootstrap was generated by Bootstrap Core Team. Bootstrap was basically designed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto. It was originally published in the year 2011. It was written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Bootstrap packages

  • CSS: It is referred to as Cascading style sheet that is used to style the HTML factors.
  • Components: In the Bootstrap package, there are a lot of reusable components for dropdowns, alerts, iconography, navigation, etc.
  • Customize: In the Bootstrap package, the elements can be customized, less variable, and Jquery plugins to get the style.
  • Scaffolding: In a bootstrap package, it gives the necessary structure with the grid system, link style, and background.
  • JavaScript: In a bootstrap package, there will be a javascript plug-in.

Steps to How to install bootstrap

Some Basic steps required to install Bootstrap.

Step 1: Use the below link to get bootstrap downloaded. Click on Download, the bootstrap package will be downloaded in a Zip folder. This folder includes the CSS and JS folder.

The bootstrap package which is downloaded is ready to use selected code and can be easily combined into the project. It consists of organized and minified CSS bundles and Javascript Plugins.

Step 2: Source file: Bootstrap can be compiled with own asset pipeline with help of sass, and documentation files.

Click on Download Source to get the files downloaded. It consist CSS, js, and other files.

Step 3: Package Managers: Bootstrap can be installed in Node.js powered files or applications.

$ npm install bootstrap

Step 4: For Node.js applications, bootstrap can be installed with help of yarn package as well.

$ yarn add bootstrap

Step 5: If the user wants to install bootstrap for ruby gems applications

gem 'bootstrap', '~> 4.0.0'

Step 6: The composer can be used to install and manage the bootstraps sass

$ Composer require twbs/bootstrap: 4.0.0

Step 7: Using NuGet, you can install and manage bootstraps CSS and sass applications.

  • Install-Package bootstrap
  • Install-Package bootstrap.sass

Step 8: Jquery is also being used with bootstrap files or installation folders. Jquery requires to be downloaded and place in the Jquery file in the Bootstrap root folder for enduring a better user interface and most importantly Jquery enhances the features of bootstrap that provide the look more attractive and responsive.

Step 9: After executing the above steps, the developer can write the HTML code to link all the files for the HTML page and can open the HTML file to check the answer.

Supported Browsers

The bootstrap basically promotes the latest and stable release of all the browsers and platforms. Mobile devices browser has been verifiedAndroid and IOS platform. The desktop browsers for different platforms like Mac and Windows also being supported by bootstrap.

Bootstrap File structure

Bootstrap FIle Structure

Bootstrap has been precompiled, the compiled transcription of bootstrap being is downloaded and select the Zip file and the following file structure you will see:

The above figure includes the fonts folder files as well if the developer requires more fonts to make the user interface according to conditions can include the files that are prepared in the source package of bootstrap. The bootstrap source code will have a more accurate file structure.

Bootstrap 4

There are important settings that are done in Bootstrap 4 like editing the code majorly, navigation customization CSS flexible size support, options have been added, response spacing and sizing services are added, the global font size is developed from 14px to 16px, a number of utility classes are added, styling button, drop-down menus, media objects, and image classes are added. It also recommends the most advanced version of browsers.

The main point of Bootstrap is to analyze the improvement of web pages. The primary reason to use bootstrap is the choice of color, font, size, and layout to project. It provides fundamental style definitions to HTML components. The Jquery plugins and Javascript components give some further elements that can be used for user interface like dialog boxes, and tooltips, etc. The bootstrap elements also contain elements of HTML, and Javascript code as well. It also has the feature of extending the existing interface components.

The other main component of bootstrap is its layout elements. The basic layout element is called a container in which every element of the page is stored it. The container is stored on the web page then other layout components like CSS layout can be defined through rows and columns. It depends on the developer to choose which container fixed width or fluid width container for designing the web page. The former uses the four predefined widths but later uses the fills depends on the size of the screen on which web page is getting viewed.

Usage of bootstrap

Bootstrap is very easy to use and with the help of bootstrap, developers used to develop responsive websites. Bootstrap is also used as it supports many browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Bootstrap is easy to get started and produces a responsive grid system. It has bundled javascript plug-ins and there is a list of companies to use. It has good documentation to start and able to work immediately.

The important usage of bootstrap is a responsive web design, which helps in adjusting the website according to screen size for all the devices like laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. Bootstrap has shown responsive design and the mobile-first approach. It is open-source and free of cost. It saves a lot of work and time.


Bootstrap is using internationally as a front-end web framework. It maintains many programming languages and platform-independent as well. It has great online community support for newcomers to help and documentation is also good at the established site where all the updates regarding the release of a new version and the excellent features have been accurately published and documented. It has become the famous web framework to build different tools and integrate with another scripting language.

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