Method to Hide a WordPress Page From Google

How to Hide a WordPress Page From Google. Sometimes you may require to exclude a post/page from looking in Google search results as it is not related to your website’s content, to defend your privacy from unwanted users.

In this article, you will learn how to hide a WordPress post/page from Google without harming your site’s overall (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Why Need to Hide a WordPress Page from Google?

As we know Search engines like Google support website owners to exclude content (Posts) from search results. You can hide WordPress blog posts and pages that don’t have any importance to the wide public such as posts you might have to design for website ownership confirmation.

The different situation where excluding WordPress pages from search results is useful if you have a membership website. You can protect/hide the profile pages of your users from appearing on search engines.

Protecting content from Google is also effective if your website is under development, and you want to share a sneak show with your audience. This way Google won’t index an uncovered website in its search results.

Besides that, excluding pages that have special or raw information supports protecting your privacy and stops private information from falling into evil hands.

Easiest Way to Hide WordPress Posts from Search Engines

This process is the easiest and is suggested for learners.

You can hide a WordPress post from Google by using a WordPress plugin like RankMath. It’s one of the most popular SEO plugins used by 1+ million websites. First, you need to do is install and activate the RankMath plugin.

We can also utilize the free version of the RankMath plugin which also appears with the facility for you to hide posts from Google. After establishing and activating the plugin on your website, you require to edit the post or pages that you need to hide from Google. In the WordPress text editor, On the top right corner, you will see a RankMath button with scores click on the Advanced tab like below.

Hide a WordPress Posts from Search Engines
Hide a WordPress Posts from Search Engines

You will now see an option for Robots Meta Setting. To exclude the post/page from appearing in Google search results, you need to check the box that tells No Index, That’s it. Now just need to Publish/Update the Post/Page. It will exclude the page from search engines.

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