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Ethics of AI | Why Ethics is Important In AI

Ethics of AI nowadays, we are glancing at AI as a track to ease things and obtain ease in our lives by guidance systems, logistic optimization, scam detection, automation, etc. But it arrives with specific challenges like unemployment, AI manners towards human beings and vice versa, AI glitches and silliness, Security, and robot rights. We are growing very rapidly day by day, and it is difficult for the ethical rule to keep up with AI. And for good sustainability for all animals, it is super significant to have limits specified. We know AI systems are simple and dealing with them is not easy, But Introducing AI Ethics would provide the right recommendation to the future AI world.

As we know, AI ethics is a system of ethical principles and procedures planned to declare the evolution and reliable use of artificial intelligence technology. As AI has become necessary for products and services, institutions are starting to develop AI principles of ethics.

What is the Ethics of AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Ethics normally guide the ethical behavior of an individual to show further activities of life. In the same way, Ethics in AI directs the movements of AI systems and robots. Our lives are encircled by AI-based software, e.g., Google’s search engine, Alexa’s different suggestions on Youtube, and facial recognition systems.

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Example of AI Ethics.

A bank uses an AI system for authorizing a loan for different people. The algorithms could select any parameter, even race/ religion/ caste/ status. This violates our ethical rule to treat all as equal, the businesses which are using AI systems may not know about intolerance, but noticing the previous year’s data, shows specific races/religions are not getting loans authorized having the same status as other religions. Here, banks cannot be condemned for intolerance, but it affects people’s morals so it must come under the rule, and there shall be ethical norms for AI systems. We must consider these conditions where artificial intelligence could be unethical.

  • To deal with Unemployment, when AI carries away jobs.
  • Imbalance in wealth creation: AI machine owners vs others
  • AI errors and silliness
  • Privacy of individual / Security concerns

As human beings, we also desired individuals’ choices like clothing/ style/ food and the type of people we like to be friends with, we see merits and demerits when determining a life partner, some belief in bloodline and others in caste/status. So the morale of human beings is diversified.

Nowadays, we have made human-like artificial intelligent robots that skim like humans, talk like humans, and have expressions and feelings like humans. For example, NEON AI Samsung has developed AI humans. It is just starting, now when they interact with humans and learn; it’s quite feasible to have significant results.

We all know the ethics of ai could be a boon or curse when goes into bad hands, If terrorists can exploit human intelligence and make jihadis, what about instructing these humans like robots to make artificial terrorists to damage others, it is a grave concern here.

To deal with these expressed issues, AI ethics must be declared. Even some big companies like google have defined their own ethical codes of practice that AI will be used ethically only and will never be planned to weaponize.


In the above article, we have discussed different strategies where AI ethics play a very important role. We have discussed areas where AI could affect us most like security/ privacy/ unemployment/ inequality etc. To deal with the above problems, big organizations are having their own ethical code of conduct so as to progress in the right direction.

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