How to Enable / Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

Enable Auto Updates / Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress. The theme is the backbone of your WordPress website and requires it to work seamlessly with the core WordPress files. Though you operate a single theme at a time, it is feasible to maintain multiple themes installed on your website. Whether you have single or multiple themes and plugins, you need to enable or disable auto-update one by one.

Enable / Disable Automatic Updates

  • Login to your WordPress.
  • Navigate to Appearance >> Themes section.
  • Here you can view all the installed themes on your website.
  • You will see a Theme Details button and click on it.

On the next pop-up, click the Enable auto-updates link to turn on the feature.

You have to do this for each theme or use the front/back arrows on the top right of the theme details pop-up to navigate to each theme and turn auto-updates on. Remember, you can simply go to the theme details section and disable auto-updates any time later. Finally, you have enabled auto-updates for your theme. If you want to disable do the same steps and then you will see disable-auto-updates instead of enable auto-updates.

Disable Auto-update for Plugins

Unlike themes, you can enable auto-updates for plugins in bulk or only for specified items. This makes sense as a single website generally uses multiple plugins at a time.

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  • Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins section.
  • Here You can see the Automatic Updates status of each plugin.
  • By default, automatic updates are disabled for plugins and you can click on the Enable auto-updates link to turn it on. You can do this for each installed plugin without navigating away from the page.

If you do not see the Automatic Updates column, click on the Screen Options button and enable the from the available columns.

Once enabled, you can anytime click the Disable auto-updates link to turn the feature off from WordPress.

If you want to turn auto-updates for more than one plugin, first select the plugins using the checkbox from the first column in front of each plugin. You can also click the checkbox in the header to select all the plugins with a single click. Now, click the bulk action dropdown and select enable/disable auto-updates option.

Finally, click the Apply button to turn the feature on or off for the selected plugins.

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