7 Best Digital Marketing Tools

In this post, we are going to learn about digital Marketing Tools. Digital marketing is a very powerful business. It is constantly growing. You can see something new being advanced every day while something old grows excessive in a matter of minutes. Running in this domain is not simple as there are no fixed rules and conditions to which you can hold to. You have to learn each day and keep up with the latest trends and methods.

It is truly a challenge to become a successful online Digital marketer, but herein lies the magic. The internet may seem like a hard turf, but it also helps you through excellent tools.

There are lots of digital marketing tools that you can utilize to perform the different marketing approaches such as SEO, SEM, or social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

Today, we do a round-up of standard digital marketing tools that will help you in multiple ways as you go about grabbing the tough turf.

List of Digital Marketing Tools

  1. Google Analytics
  2. HootSuite
  3. HubSpot’s 
  4. MailChimp
  5. Google Suggest
  6. MozLocal 
  7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful internet marketing tool, It helps you in multiple ways. Along with Google AdWords, it lets you trace advertising campaigns, and there is a number of usage of digital advertising tools too. Its Cohort Analysis feature provides you behavioral data about users based on their general qualities.

You can reach out about your website traffic, the browsing modes of the audience, and more valuable insights. E-commerce shops can track their sales activity and products production. It provides you a real-time analytics report.


The Big Daddy of social media management tools, HootSuite, is extremely celebrated among online digital marketers as it provides them control over 30 social networks. With it, you can share and control all the updates on multiple platforms from a single dashboard. A secure tool, it lets you help with team members and also gives you insights into audience behavior.


A very popular and large top digital marketing tool, HubSpot covers all the marketing strategies. Its Blog Topic Generator is a tool that helps with content creation by giving you relevant blog post titles. Just type in the keyword, and you will get results in moments.


MailChimp a bankable email digital marketing tool is the choice of billions for it makes email campaigning so simple. Secure, solid, and sustainable; it is highly customizable and allows you many newsletter templates. You can also share your newsletters on social networks, and with the in-built analytics feature, you can easily track the results.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is one of the easiest-to-use and valuable SEO tools, lets you check how your website ranks for different keywords. Using it, you can find out a good deal about keywords trending in the niche that you are dealing with. This autocompletes search functionality of digital marketing Google is a big help in SEO for beginners as well as pros.


MozLocal is a very good SEO tool, It is just wonderful for local SEO. All it needs is your location information, and you can get listed consistently beyond the search engines. It gives you perfect reports, thereby allowing you to plan your strategies in a more reliable manner. The insights let you see ranking, review, and traffic data for different subsets of locations.

Google Keyword Planner

Running an AdWords campaign grows more naturally with Google Keyword Planner. It assists you to search for keywords and ad group ideas. You can create new keywords and also predict the appearance of a list of keywords. With it, choosing competing bids and planning budgets for your campaign becomes a cakewalk.


Digital Marketing Tools. The important thing is to understand the digital marketing tools definition and use them as a strategy. Marketing Software is the online platform to connect with customers.

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