How to Create a Custom WordPress Login URL

The easiest and best way to change or add a custom WordPress login URL is by using a plugin. This allows you simply modify your WordPress login URL without editing any risky WordPress files. We suggest using the WPS Hide Login plugin. It’s the best WordPress plugin for this type of solution.

Create a Custom WordPress Login URL

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the WPS Hide Login plugin.

WPS Hide Login

Upon installation and activation, you will have a unique option under your general WordPress settings in which you can just put the new slug you like the login fields to live. Simply go to Settings > General or Settings > WPS Hide Login to modify it. Both of them carry you to the exact place.

WPS Hide Login

Now you have to do is enter your new login URL and hit the Save Changes button. Note that it sounds like it also controls unauthorized permits to the wp-admin and wp-login.php directories. In other terms, you can get them if you are signed in. Otherwise, you will acquire a 404 error.

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The foremost is that the moment you install this plugin, you will not have to pass to the old login screens. By default, WPS Hide Login will take you to /login for entrance. It will take place instantly upon activation, even before you run into your settings to customize it yourself. if you have modified the URL, please remember that. Otherwise, you’re bearing to have a duo of problems signing in.

After all, you’re attempting to make something more comfortable for your team/clients and more difficult for pirates. You don’t like to lock yourself out of your own website.

Another thing is that if you deactivate the plugin, your site will instantly go back to using wp-login.php and wp-admin as the access point for users. So you won’t disorder up the database or lock anyone out if you do decide that you don’t want to go this way. Simply remember the login URL and do your work.

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