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5 Best Plugins for Adding eCommerce to WordPress

Plugins for Adding eCommerce to WordPress. eCommerce stores that deal with physical products, subscription services, downloads, etc. The WordPress plugin ecosystem gives an abundance of options. If you want to list your products on a third-party retailer such as Alibaba, Amazon, etc? That’s a suitable game as well. And there is an option to improve things even distant through custom code. However, the light number of WordPress eCommerce plugins can construct your head to spin. Some perform a very niche objective, while others permit you to decide and select functionality. We’re here to help provide some transparency.

Today, we’ll present you with the five best eCommerce plugins on the demand.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress websites. It is created for small to large-sized online retailers using WordPress. Established on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly became popular for its clarity of installation and customize and for the market position of the ground product as freeware.

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A default installation of the free WooCommerce plugin is all you require to operate an extremely essential store selling either physical or digital goods. To do something more complex, it’s possible you’ll require a variety of extensions. This is both a blessing and a scourge, as it can carry a lot of research to find just the right solutions for your requirements. Still, the number of options is staggering.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, subscriptions, event registrations


BigCommerce For WordPress is distinct from your typical eCommerce plugin. Rather than relying on your web server to power everything, it connects with the BigCommerce SaaS product. This permits you to integrate your store into your WordPress website without taxing web hosting help.

Another big contrast is that you’ll find a bit more functionality out of the box. Since this is a saleable service, a number of features are enclosed with your package, although additional wings (called ‘apps’) are also available.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products

Easy Digital Downloads

As its name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads are made with digital developments in senses. Like WooCommerce, it features an amazing combination of extensions. They’ll help you link to different payment gateways, and mailing list services, and even help you to sell licensed software. Selling physical outcomes is also feasible through the Simple Shipping extension.

EDD is both niche and extensible. That creates it an ideal choice for creative professionals who like to sell their work online.

Best for selling: Digital products, subscriptions, licensed software

WP EasyCart

WordPress eCommerce plugins manage to need a piecemeal process. You start with a primary plan cart and add the functionality you require through extension plugins. WP EasyCart eschews that process and rather focuses on numerous service levels. Relying on which level you choose (Free, Pro, Premium), you’ll gain access to precise features.

The free level offers the basics while adding an additional expense in the form of application fees for the use of the built-in payment gateways. Upgrade, and you’ll waive those fees – plus have the capacity to sell downloads, and subscriptions, and offer role-based product pricing.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, subscriptions

Ecwid Ecommerce

Ecwid not only lets you create a store using WordPress but also boosts sales on social media. Your products can be integrated into both Facebook and Instagram and other social networks, with a chance to seriously expand your audience. Selling on Google, Amazon, Google, and eBay Shopping is also possible.

It’s also a SaaS development, indicating your web hosting needs won’t be too weighty. There’s a free plan with limited functionality. But to bring the advantage of social media integration and larger product amounts, you’ll require a paid plan.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products

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