How to Track Website Visitors to Your WordPress site

How to Track Website Visitors to Your WordPress Site. Locating your top landing pages or blog posts can support you know where your traffic is reaching from and what your readers are looking for, so you understand where to adjust your efforts.

In this article, we’ll explain to you how to find the most valuable pages of your WordPress site.

Why Find the Most Important Page of Your Site?

When you’re operating a WordPress blog, you end up with more extra content over time. Though, there will be some posts that will be more valuable than others.

Besides receiving a lot of traffic, these posts also perform to have high engagement. By optimizing your most valuable posts, you can obtain even more traffic and then turn those visitors into contributors and clients.

You can also generate similar posts to bring more visitors and boost user engagement and progress.

That being said, several content handlers and company owners don’t understand which pages are necessary to their website’s authority.

Track Website Visitors to Your WordPress Site

Let’s take a look at how you can get the most valuable post on your WordPress website.

See Analytics in Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

The most comfortable way to reveal your top-performing posts is by using MonsterInsights. It’s the most reliable Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and is taken by over 3+ million experts to improve their business with belief.

MonsterInsights WordPress Track Website

MonsterInsights performs it super smooth to use Google Analytics to expose insights about your visitors. It supports you to see your most powerful posts/pages inside your WordPress Admin dashboard without the necessity to edit code or generate reports.

For this tutorial, we will be using the MonsterInsights Lite version. It’s 100% free to use and will assist you to view your most powerful posts insides your WordPress dashboard.

There is additionally a MonsterInsights Pro variant that includes premium integrations and excellent innovations like WooCommerce tracking, custom dimensions, PDF exports, email summaries, and more.

First, you’ll require to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin on your website. After activation, you’ll be taken to Insights from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Next, go first and click the ‘Launch the Wizard’ button and follow the wizard to connect your Google Analytics account with your WordPress site.

Once you have set up Google Analytics in WordPress, you can immediately see the most powerful pages on your website by going to Insights » Reports from your WordPress admin dashboard. This provides you with a smart overview of which posts show well on your website and bring website traffic.

See Analytics in in Google Analytics

While MonsterInsights does it super light to see the most powerful page on your site and see the data inside your WordPress Dashboard, you can also use Google Analytics to see your top pages. You just need to install Google Analytics on your website.

Analytics in in Google Analytics
Analytics in Google Analytics

After installing Google Analytics on your site, you’ll require to login into your Google Analytics account. After that, simply head over to Behavior » Site Content » All Pages from the menu on your left.

In the report, you can see your best pages and the total number of page views for each page. For example, the summary above shows that the homepage receives the most traffic, which shows it’s a powerful page for your site.

But it also reveals that the case page and some garments pages are also very attractive and should get proper attention.

We hope this post assisted you to discover how to find the most valuable page of your WordPress site. You may also want to take a look at our guide on How to Hide a WordPress Page From Google.

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