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The Main Features of JavaScript

The Main Features of JavaScript. In this article, We’ll know the main features of the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript was invented by Brendan Eich in Netscape in 1995 for dynamic programming in web pages providing the logical operation to the client-side. JavaScript is essentially a client-side script language. The object of JavaScript language most usually used for designing dynamic web pages which are a standalone language invented in Netscape. It provides the user additional command over the browser with potential in the invention of new functions in scripts. The features of Javascript are case-sensitive input with the exposure of the user’s browser and operating system. JavaScript is mostly used by validation in client-side technology.

The Main Features of JavaScript Language are as follows.

  • Validating User’s Input.
  • Client-Side Language.
  • if-else Statement.
  • Performing Built-in Functions.
  • Case Sensitive.
  • Light-Weight.
  • Event Handling.
  • Loops.
Now We’ll explain the main features of JavaScript.

Validating User’s Input.

Validating of User’s Input, generally known as form validation, provides users to communicate with the clients through the forms of a web page. The data in the form require to be correctly filled whereas form validation helps the client to validate the details entered by the user.

Client-Side Language.

The client is primarily a cycle used for Web Browser in the individual of User. The information on the server captures uploaded by a client which is later utilized by a user in the presented form. The user obtains access to the client through a web browser for surfing and communicating through websites. The client-side language allows the client to have full command over the content which is being updated in servers.

if-else Statement.

JavaScript if-else statement is used to perform the code whether the given condition is true or false. If the condition is true then it will execute data forme it will jump to else statement and program end.

Performing Built-in Functions.

JavaScript has various Built-in Functions like parseFloat() and parseInt(), isNAN(), Number(), etc. The isNAN() Function in JavaScript used to check that input object is correct number format. The parseFloat() function is used in the conversion of the object into a number. parseInt() Function is used to check strings.

Case Sensitive.

JavaScript is a case-sensitive language. It means that the language function names, keywords, variables, and any other identifiers must always be standardized with a compatible capitalization of letters.


Java Script Features Light Weight and sensitive and codes written in JavaScript don’t include variables and use only objects to perform the operations.

Event Handling.

JavaScript has the power to manage operations refreshed on servers. This is primarily managing the response on the website when the user tries to make any operation the server controlled by the client like clicking on links and options, communication response over the website, etc.


Loops are used to perform the same operations repeatedly. In this operation the same set of code run in a repeat manner for a specific or unspecific set of time.

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