How to Remove an Element from an Array in JavaScript

Remove an Element from an Array in JavaScript. JavaScript recommends some methods to remove elements from the specific Array. You can remove items from the beginning using shift(), from the end of an array using pop(), or from the middle using splice() functions. Let’s address them one by one with their examples.

Remove an Element from an Array in JavaScript

  1. splice()
  2. pop()
  3. shift()
  4. filter()


The Array splice() method is used to modify the contents of an array by eliminating or changing the current items and adding new ones in position. The first case represents the location at which to begin adding or removing elements. The second argument represents the number of elements to remove. The third and following arguments are optional; they represent elements to be added to the array.

At position 2 remove 1 item:

let myArray = ['s', 'o', 'f', 't']; console.log(myArray.splice(2, 1));


The Array pop() method is used to delete the last element from the array and returns that element. The pop method changes the array on which it is requested, This means unlike using remove the last element is removed effectively and the array length reduced.

 var soft = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6];
    console.log( soft ); 

Shift() Method

The shift() method operates extremely like the pop() method besides it removes the first element of a JavaScript array instead of the last.

There are no parameters since the shift() method only removed the first array element. When the element is removed the remaining elements are shifted down

    var soft = ['apple', 'orange', 'cake', 'guava'];
    soft.shift(); // returns "apple"
    console.log( soft ); // ["orange", "cake", "guava"]


The filter() method produces a new array, unlike splice(). The method does not change the array on which it is requested, but returns a brand new array:

function isEven(value) { 
  return value%3 == 0; 
arr = [13, 8, 15, 31, 21];
function func() { 

Removing JavaScript Array elements is important to control your data. There is not a single ‘remove’ method ready, but there are several ways and techniques you can use to prevent hated array items.

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