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The Future of Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Future of Humans and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we will address the future of artificial intelligence. In today’s time, the speed of evolution is faster than ever. We see that development in technology so quickly nowadays, from Alexa, SIRI to independent vehicles, alpha zero, and Sophia. In science invention movies, we see AI as human-like robots, but in actuality, it goes far away that which includes programs like alpha zero who has freshly beat all humans’ at Chess and other games.

AI is an emerging profession today, it is known as light AI (Due to restrictions). But the future of artificial intelligence is about raising strong AI. Right now, AI can overcome humans in some specific tasks only, but in the future, it is suspected of AI to beat a human in all cognitive tasks. Surely it has its outcomes which would be positive as well as negative.

Fields of Artificial Intelligence in Future

  • Health Care Industries
  • AI in Finance
  • AI in Military and Cybersecurity
  • AI in Education

Health Care Industries

India is 16-17% of the worlds’ community that makes it the second-largest country in terms of China’s population. Health care departments are not available to all individuals living in the country. It is because of the lack of good doctors, not having a good foundation, etc. Still, there are people who couldn’t reach doctors and hospitals. Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to give the equipment to detect disease based on signs; even if you don’t go to the doctor, AI would read the data from the Health medical history of an individual to analyze the pattern and advise proper medication and even deliver it on one’s fingertips just through cell-phone.

AI in Finance

The AI in Finance quantification of increase for any country is straightly related to its economic and financial condition. As AI has tremendous scope in almost every field, it has great potential to boost individuals’ economic health and a nation. Nowadays, the AI algorithm is being used in accomplishing asset funds.

An AI system could take a lot number of parameters while estimating out the best way to manage funds. It would play better than a human manager. AI-driven strategies in the field of finance are going to change the standard way of speculation and investing. It could be defeating for some fund managing firms who cannot afford such equipment and could affect business on a large scale, as the decision would be quick and abrupt. The conflict would be tough and on edge all the time.

AI in Military and Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence-assisted Military technologies have built independent weapon systems, which won’t need humans at all hence building the most reliable way to improve the security of a nation. We could see a robot Military in the coming future, which is as intelligent as a soldier/ commando and will be able to accomplish some tasks.

AI-assisted approaches would improve mission effectiveness and will provide the safest way to execute it. The Regarding part with AI-assisted system is that how it works algorithm is not quite explainable. The deep neural networks learn faster and continuously keep learning the main problem here would be explainable AI. It could possess destructive results when it reaches the wrong hands or makes wrong judgments on its own.

AI in Education

The growth of a country depends on the status of educated youth is getting. Right now, we can see there are lots of courses are ready on AI. But in the future, AI is going to transform the classical way of education. Now the world doesn’t require experienced labourers for manufacturing industries, which is mostly replaced by robots and automation. The learning system could be quite effective and can be according to the individual’s personality and experience. It would give chance for brighter students to shine and to fool a better way to cop up.

Right Education can improve the power of individuals/nations; on the other hand, perversion of the same could lead to devastating results.


Artificial Intelligence supported systems could enhance the quality of our lives to a great extent, as we have presented in the article the wide opportunity available for Artificial intelligence-assisted systems. On the one hand, It is a boon for the organization if used in improvement or could be a curse if it reaches the wrong hands. We have addressed the future of AI in fields of Finance, HealthCare, Education, and Military applications, where it could affect both ways either positive or adverse.

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