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9 Best Tools You Should Use for SEO Content Auditing

9 Best Tools You Should Use for SEO Content Auditing. To index and rank web pages based on their relevance to any specific keyword, Google employs an advanced algorithms with hundreds of graded factors.

Empirical testing is used by online marketers to know and understand about Google’s algorithm and how to produce content that ranks well.

Relying on the knowledge they develop and implement best strategies for creating content that will rank higher in SERPs.

This is known as search engine optimization (SEO), and it is a vital part of any digital marketer’s suite of tools.

Writing optimized content can be a time-consuming and laborious task without the best SEO content writing tools. Down below you will see various tools that will save you time and energy.

These tools are useful at different levels of the content creation process, but they all have the ability to improve your business by saving you time and energy and increasing reader engagement.

If you want to expand the reach of your brand, search engine optimization is essential. It aids in the promotion of your brand, which increases sales.

There are numerous SEO tools available to assist you in carrying out your marketing strategy. Some SEO tools are paid, while others are available for free.

Why Are Content Writing Tools Necessary for SEO?

Digital marketers should be decisive about which keywords to target, how long each blog post must be, and what material they should include.

Viewers expect content that must be accessible for them, easy to confide, easy to search and in addition free from spelling or grammatical errors. This includes optimizing URLs and meta-tags, among other things.

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Most of these necessities can be automated by using the right SEO content writing tools. SEO tools can noticeably shorten the time required to complete optimization tasks. Down below is a list of tools that can help you with your content creation process.

9 Best Tools for SEO Content Auditing:

1. Keyword Planner by Google:

For keyword research, most digital marketers use Google Keyword Planner. Nonetheless, for conducting basic keyword research it is one of the best free tools.

Best Tools You Should Use for SEO Content Auditing

The keyword planner has two major functions:

  • Explore new or related keywords:-

Enter any keyword to see a collection of relevant keywords, as well as their search volume and other performance measures. This makes it simple to come up with new SEO keywords to target.

  • Get search queries and forecasts:-

You can track trends to identify popular search terms or keywords.

2. SEMrush:


SEMrush is used by marketers to assess backlinks, perform keyword research, evaluate the performance and traffic of their own or contenders’ websites, and discover new marketplaces, niches, and possibilities.

3. BuzzSumo:


BuzzSumo is a tool that assists marketers in determining the type of content that users share across multiple platforms. You can quickly identify the most popular pieces of content on the site by entering it.

Trends from the previous day, previous month, or year can be examined. Buzz Sumo allows you to sort by writer, and it even upholds negative keywords to help you find the information you’re looking for.

BuzzSumo makes it easy to analyze and evaluate your content against the competing companies while staying on highest position of the trends.

4. SEOWagon:


The percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page in relation to the total amount of content available on that page is referred to as keyword density. Web developers use it to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specific topic.

The density checker not only assists you in correcting your errors, but it also identifies errors in your online content so that you can change it to the highest values.

Content writers and site owners must check keyword density for their publications before or after they are published. Some tools offer completely free services with no restrictions on the usage. The keyword density calculator allows you to run an unlimited number of checks.

5. Essaytoolbox:


The readability calculator assists you in determining how easily a reader can read and understand your content. The readability score is calculated using several formulas. Various methods are used to determine the text’s assessment level.

Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Score, SMOG Index, and Automated Readability Index are the most approved methods.

Many readability checkers are completely free. You can check an unlimited number of texts. You can check your Readability score by uploading.DOC/.PDF/.TXT files directly from your computer.

6. Prepostseo:


Prepostseo: Proofreading content annoys you and wastes your time and energy. Many tools have come up with an AI algorithm with the help of English linguistic experts to check grammar mistakes like a professional grammar checker, so you no longer have to spend hours proofreading your document.

Grammar checker functions as a grammar scanner, scanning the content for grammatical errors. It can also be used as a free online punctuation checker, sentence quality checker, and spelling checker.

7. Articlerewriter.net


Articlerewriter.net The purpose of article rewriting is to convey information in a different and new form. By replacing words, sentences and expressions of the content to make it more engaging and unique is called article rewriting.

The challenge comes when you have to change every adequate word to make it distinctive while keeping the central idea of the topic consistent. An article rewriter is a tool that can greatly assist in removing this struggle. So many rewriters available online are free to use and have no word limit.

8. Check-Plagiarism.com:


Check-Plagiarism.com: Checking for plagiarism in your content manually will take so much time and effort without accuracy. There are tools called plagiarism checkers that can help you detect and remove plagiarized material from your content.

Many plagiarism checkers have advanced algorithm that allows the tool to detect duplicated or rephrased content. They then provide the link to the plagiarized sources after detecting plagiarism.

You also get percentages of the unique and plagiarized content that will assist you in knowing the credibility of the writer. Many tools are cost free and allows you to download plagiarism report to share further.

9. Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plug-in that offers real feedback as you optimize your blog posts in WordPress. The plug-in functions as an on-page SEO checklist tool, prompting you to finish on-page SEO tasks for each blog article that you produce.

Yoast SEO makes suggestions for improvement, and assists you in managing all the details when doing on-page SEO with WordPress.


Content auditing is a great way to learn about the performance of your website by evaluating its content’s quality. This evaluation gives us an idea about how good our web pages will rank in SERPs.

SEO experts can take advantage of these tools to analyze the competitor’s webpage performance. They can formulate and learn about new strategies that can help boost their website’s ranking.


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